SEO Training Navagam

Learn SEO Training Navagam + Digital Marketing Training Navagam area in Surat. We provide basic to advance seo training coaching classes services with lowest fees.

Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) need you to have an understanding of how to make a website and create content that can readily be found by search engines even this approach includes identifying and using preferred search phrases to raise your search engine rank, and this is what we are offering in our SEO Training Course.

It’s just an optimization expert technique used by SEO expert to enhance visibility on search engine results pages (SERP’s) and when done correctly could have an impact in your search engine ranking.

The Insider Search engine optimization Coaching Classes Training program gives you an improved knowledge of theories like on-page versus Off Page optimization, image optimization and video SEO, webpage speed optimization, and other best techniques for content production and files that are essential you must have in your site. Further topics covered comprise Google page rank, researching meta names, descriptions, keywords, canonical issue, redirection, HTTP status codes, backlinking (things to do and what NOT to do), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and much more.

What is Search engine optimization?
History of Search engines?
How is SEO important in digital marketing?
How is search engine important for companies?
How can search engine impact the brand and sales of a company?
How does search engine algorithm work?
Components of search engine?
Different types of search engine?
Operators used in search engine
Algorithms used in SEO
Updates of SEO
Google Webmasters Tools
Adding a Site and Verification Process
Geographic Settings
URL Parameters
Site Links
Crawl Errors / Stats
Google Fetch
Blocking the Crawler and blocked pages
Search Queries
Links to Site / Internal Links
Remove URLs from the index
HTML Suggestions
Content Keywords
Research and Analysis Of Keywords:
Importance of keywords in SEO
What are keywords?
Analysis of keywords of a particular company
Research on keywords
Different types of keywords
Analysis of keywords using google ad words
Competitor analysis
Fitting right keywords to the project
On Page Optimization
How is on page optimization important in SEO
Web layout structure
Codes used in website
Design factors and guidelines
Differences between dynamic and static sites?
Domain name optimization
The file name and folder name optimization
Title tag optimization
Meta tags optimization
How to write a meta description
Meta robots
Header optimization
Footer optimization
Anchor link optimization
Content writing for SEO
Sitemaps submission
Image optimization
URL optimization
Dynamic site optimization techniques:
WordPress SEO
Black hat SEO techniques.
Off-page Optimization
Introduction to off page optimization
Factors affecting offsite optimization
Importance of offsite optimization
Current scenario of search engine optimization
On page optimization versus off page optimization
How to build links?
Type of linking methods
Link checking tools
Directory submissions
Social bookmarking
Posting classifieds
Importance of integration of blog to gain SEO
Local listing
Forum signatures
Article submissions
Importance of social buttons and social media
Press release submission

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