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Learn SEO Training Adajan + Digital Marketing Training Adajan area Surat, Gujarat, India.

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Why Digital marketing wins over Traditional marketing?
  • Increasing Visibility.
  • What is visibility?
  • Type of Visibility
  • Examples of visibility
  • Visitors Engagement
  • What is Engagement?
  • Why It is important?
  • Bringing Targeted Traffic
  • Inbound
  • Out Bound
  • ├é┬╗Conversion Leads
  • Type of Conversion
  • Conversion Process
  • Retention
  • Why it is important?

Module 2: Website Planning & creation

  • Understanding Internet.
  • Deference between Internet and web.
  • Understanding Website.
  • What is web Service And web Hosting?
  • Different type of web server
  • Different type of website
  • Based on functionality
  • Based on Purpose
  • Planning and conceptual listing a website
  • Identifying objective of website
  • Deciding number of page Required
  • Creating blue print of every web page
  • Building Website using CMS in class
  • Booking a Domain name and web hosting
  • Adding Domain name to web server
  • Adding web pages and content
  • Adding Plugins
  • Module 3:Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Introduction to SERP
What are search engines?
How search engines works
Major function of a search engines
What is Traffic?
Different type of Traffic
What are keywords?
Different type of Traffic
Google Keyword Planer tools
Keywords Research process
Understanding keyword mix
Google Operator: so that you can find anything
On the web
On page optimization
Keywords optimization
Content optimization and planning
Understanding your audience for content planning
Adding Social media plug-in on web page
Internal linking
Meta tag creation
Creating webpage in html
Using Google web master tool & website verification
Sitemap creation and submission in website and webmaster
Off page optimization
What is domain authority?
How to increase domain authority?
What is page Rank?
How increase page rank
What are back link?
Type of back links
What is link building?
Type of link building
Dos and Don’ts of link building
Link building strategies for your business:
Easy link acquisition techniques
Impotence of content marketing
Content scaling and social media in link building
Local SEO
Local SEO
Google place optimization
Classified Submissions
NAP (Name Address Place)
What is primary Keyword, Secondary Keyword and tertiary keywords?
What is different between keywords stuffing and keyword placement?
How to write content for article blog and press release?
Top tool for SEO
Monitoring SEO Process
Preparing SEO Reports
What is link juice?
What is domain authority?
What is page authority?
Important of Domain and page Authority
How to optimize your site for exact keyword for your business?
How to optimize your site for Google Hummingbird Algorithm?
What is Google Panda Algorithm?
What is penguin?—

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